What If 4 Days Could Change Your Life?

If you are not succeeding the way you’d like or taking action to achieve success in one or more areas of your life then hypnosis and/or NLP training is for you!  Whether you are interested in learning these valuable skills to improve your own life or that of others this training is for you!

Are you already in a career where you are helping or leading people and would like to improve their results?  Learn how to enhance your skills using hypnosis and/or NLP to improve their experience.  Add these skills to your current profession.

Are you interested in helping others achieve goals and greater satisfaction in their lives and make it a career?  Become a Hypnotist and/or NLP Practitioner and begin a rewarding career as Hypnotist!

Hands on Experience and Personal Transformation During the Training!

“After this training it became obvious that I was using certain coping mechanisms and also that I was missing or overlooking certain basic needs and why some of this was happening. I also learned that why does not matter it’s all about outcomes and where do we go from here. It will be pretty interesting to be able to observe what other people are trying to prove and to observe how other process information and then be able to use that information to either help the relationship or improve the communication.  It was also great/beneficial to see how people make changes through hypnosis amd getting the opportunity to practice with other students in the class.”*   – Jerry Avila

“I decided to take the hypnosis course not knowing exactly what I would get out of it but thought it would compliment my relationship coaching business. I learned a lot more than I expected in terms of coaching people, reading people and ways just to get my clients to relax. For me personally it helped me get the cobwebs out of my head – realize how I was personally sabotaging myself and denying myself of the opportunities and possibilities available but I had to let go of the blocks stopping me. Through hypnosis sessions done during this training I have a new perspective to reach my goals and my potential in helping others.”*  – Sandra Cousens

Your Opportunity to Transform Yourself and Expand your Possibilities.

Our upcoming workshops are great for anyone who wants to improve themselves, their relationships, achieve greater success and live a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

These workshops are also great if you are a professional that works with people whether it be in sales, as a manager, a health care practitioner or teacher.  Learn hypnosis and/or NLP.  Bring your career to the next level.

Hypnosis and NLP Training Will Provide You the Opportunity to:

    • Step out of unresourceful ways of seeing things
    • See yourself, others and situations with more clarity
    • Engage your imagination to help you succeed
    • Become more rational about yourself
    • Remain focused on your goals and consistently take action to achieve them
    • Improve your communication skills both personally and professionally
    • Improve the quality of your relationships

Basic Hypnosis Training

Friday Sept 17, 2021 – Monday Sept 20, 2021

9am to 5pm each day

Interested?  Call 365-777-7787 for more information and to register

Early, Early Bird Rate:  $677 plus tax (save 300)

Neurolingistic Programming Training

Friday Nov 12, 2021 – Monday Nov 15, 2021

9am to 5pm each day

Interested?  Call 365-777-7787 for more information and to register

Early, Early Bird Rate:  $677 plus tax (save 300)

(Limited Space Available to Maximize Individual Learning)

Change False and Unuseful Perceptions & Change Your Life

The most valuable skill we posses is critical thinking. The ability to understand information. Then respond accurately, effectively and responsibly.  This training will help you to see things more clearly and step out of unuseful patterns and habits.

People react to flawed, incomplete or inaccurate information by developing false attitudes and beliefs.

The result is a distorted reality, fabricated and false perceptions causing adverse effects in every aspect of life. Confusion, poor decisions and a self-limiting belief system results.

Think About What You Think

The solution is hypnosis and NLP.  Thinking about what you think.  Engineering useful perceptions of reality. Evaluating information. Analyzing thoughts. Determining which thoughts are resourceful, logical and beneficial. Which are reactions dictated by self-limiting beliefs, ego and false attitudes.

Admission Requirements: Attendees are required to complete an application and attend an interview (in-person or by phone).  All attendees must be at least 18 years of age and have completed secondary education or equivalent.

We do not offer refunds for missed training.

Call 365-777-7787 for more information!

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