See it to Believe it?

You have likely heard the expression “You have to see it to believe it”.  In many instances that statement is true, however… when it comes to transforming your life or parts of your life, what you see is only one piece of the puzzle and is not likely enough for you to make a change.

Real Change Happens in Your Senses

Real change happens in all your senses.  In most cases it happens in what you see, hear, and feel and not just in what you see when you are visualizing what you want.  Let us explore this idea further.

Let’s say you can picture yourself doing a fantastic job delivering a compelling presentation to your co-workers but, you are afraid of public speaking.   Although you can picture it in your mind, the thought of doing it causes your heart to race, your palms to sweat, you can feel butterflies in your stomach, and you are talking in your head about the fear you feel.  Clearly in this case seeing it is not enough to believe it.  This is where the rest of your senses come in to play.

If you can really imagine feeling calm and relaxed in your body and your mind is calm and quiet then that is a very different experience from having your heart race, your palms sweat, butterflies in your stomach and that negative voice in your head.

Change Your Perception

So… the question is, how do you go from simply being able to see yourself succeed to believing it is possible to succeed?  This is where the use of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) come into play.  Using these tools and techniques you can change your perception and how you experience the event in your imagination in all of your senses (particularly sight, sound and feeling) and once you can imagine it then you are on your way to making it different in real life.  For the purposes of this discussion, we are using fear of public speaking as an example since it is more obvious to illustrate.  That said, this is true for weight loss, smoking cessation or any change you want to make in your life.  If you do not believe it to be possible then for you, it will not be possible.  What you believe is true for you is true for you.  You might have heard of the term self-fulfilling prophecy which is based on what you believe to be true.  Your conscious and unconscious mind will find ways to make what you believe to be true even if it is getting in the way of your success.

So, back to the idea that “seeing is believing”, when it comes to transformational change, seeing, hearing and feeling along with a few other shifts, leads to believing!

Take the First Step

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How Do You Manage Stress?

It’s Been an Unusual Year and That’s Putting it Mildly!

Are you feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than ever before?  You’re not alone.  If nothing else 2020 has given us many insights into what is truly important and yet at the same time has caused stress levels to soar in people, communities and countries around the world.

Natural Responses to Stress

The natural response to situations where your physical or emotional wellbeing feels threatened is what is commonly known as the “fight or flight” response.  This response is designed to protect you and keep you safe when there is real eminent danger.  If you were in a jungle and being chased by a large, wild animal this response would help you to escape the danger.  When faced with danger, whether is it perceived or real your body responds to deal with it.  Your heart rate increases, adrenaline levels rise, breathing quickens and your senses become more heightened.  All of these physical reactions help you handle the situation.  This is of course a good thing under many circumstances.

What happens when you are constantly feeling threatened by circumstances you can’t control?  In the midst of a pandemic fears are elevated personally and globally and over a prolonged period of time.  The addition of this fear, stress and frustration to the everyday stresses of life can become overwhelming.   Physically the impacts of prolonged stress can increase the risk of many health conditions such as a heart attack, poor sleep, constant muscle tension in various parts of the body (the jaw and shoulders are very common examples) and headaches, etc.   So, do you fight, flee or surrender into handling the circumstances in a useful, calmer way?  Some people turn to overeating, eating “comfort” foods and/or smoking in an attempt to feel better.  Of course these ways of coping lead to further health issues.  You may feel good in the short term but in the long run these ways add to the stress when you feel guilty about making poor choices and/or when your health deteriorates noticeably.

What Can You Do to Manage Your Stress Better?

The good news is that you can learn different ways to feel more calm and manage your stress in useful ways during these uncertain times.  How you respond to situations and events makes all the difference in the world.  With customized Stress Management Programs at Fraser Valley Hypnosis, you can learn how to respond more resourcefully to the circumstances and events in your life.

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